ResOps Training & Workshop - 2019


ResOps training is mainly focus to research community who are willing to develop their cloud native skills. The ResOps course will not be delivered in-person for the foreseeable future, This course can be taken standalone, self-paced and for FREE.

Course objectives

This workshop will provide some background to cloud computing and practical experience in building, deploying and running applications in cloud platforms - OpenStack, Google, Amazon and Azure.

Using examples drawn from EMBL-EBI’s experiences in the life-sciences, but using tools and technologies that are cross-platform and cross-domain, attendees will come away with a knowledge as to the user-centric hybrid cloud strategy as well as practical aspects of deploying across different clouds and the architectural considerations around porting applications to a cloud.


  • Installation of Minikube and GIT, on your own laptop OR your VM* where you want to do your hand-on exercise.
  • If you are choosing VM as your choice then please use at least 1vCPU, RAM 4GB and storage as per your choice.
  • Understanding of Linux commands and GIT repository commands
  • An account should be created on Public GitLab CI/CD practical with GitLab.
  • We are providing sandbox over OpenStack cloud to play exercises.
  • Workshop participants can use Nano editor by default. Other CLI editors are also available in the sandbox.